Approach and Methodology

Manica aims to maintain its position as leader of the transport, loading and logistics market, and to exceed expectations of services in the industry through continuous development of the company. All our efforts, from investment in more recent technologies to support provided to our human capital and respective training, are directed towards full satisfaction of our customers and to ensure our service has the highest quality on the market.

We believe that a long-term vision complies with our company’s ambition and our objectives follow four equally important directions – constant improvement of our customer’s service, maintenance of organization’s internal environment, guarantee of growth of profits, and commitment and investment for a sustainable future of the African continent.

Our focus rests on structuring strategies that follow the development and opportunities of the market and that allow the provision of highly competent services in matters of transport and logistics, both national and internationally.

Each objective outlined by Manica represents a fundamental basis for our corporate success and we aim to achieve each of those goals through a multifaceted approach that is also faithful to our values. The adaptation to market demands and to customers’ expectations, the appreciation of our human, financial and technological resources and the strategic locations on main trade centres in the Southern and Central regions of Africa are crucial points in our plan of actions.

Our organizational culture is constantly evolving in order to reach a lasting corporate practice, in which the business strategies are aligned with the values defended by Manica. These values were established throughout the company’s development and, today, these represent the pillars of our corporate identity. It is our belief that these are critical in relations with our stakeholders and that these have a very important weight as a reflection of our leadership

  • Integrity and Responsibility;
  • Team work;
  • Ethics and Trust;